Management Service

Through our logistics management services, you gain sustainable, repeatable, and proven processes that achieve results faster. We pair these pre-configured processes with expert talent that can apply operational excellence techniques to continually evolve to your logistics needs. Save money, improve performance, and optimize supply chain quality.

Our logistics management experts are experienced supply chain professionals who not only maximize the capabilities of our global technology, but also provide industry proven thought leadership, best practices integration, and process improvements. From strategic tenured logistics strategists to analysts and operations managers, we implement customized logistics solutions while offering configurable resource plans—including dedicated teams or cross-customer solution support.

  • Covers 30 countries and territories.
  • The entire process is controlled by advanced IT system.
  • Global system has connected Japan/Korea, Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Middle East, North America, Europe, etc.
  • Domestic demand is a key driver of demand for Logistic
  • Six-time winner of the Logistics Awards from 2002 to 2008