Become a Franchisee


Alfonoon express yunda sincerely recruits powerful and with willing franchisees to jointly build an efficient global express network which can meet the growing demand for cross-border package transportation around the world, and to deliver the package conveniently, efficiently, economically, reasonably, safely and reliably to all parts of the world.

Qualification Requirements

1.Established in the franchise area according to law, with legal personality, with the express delivery business qualification required by the country and region where it is located;
2.Development vision: You should with willing to work in express logistics industry for a long time, recognize with Alfonoon express yunda corporate culture and business philosophy, with pioneering spirit and service concept;

Application Process

1.Preliminary interview with franchisee Management Department.
2.Application form and submission of materials for joining.
3.Qualification audit.
4.Supplementary material provision.
5.Field visits and assessments.
6.Contract signing.
7.Pay the franchise fee and performance bond.
8.Upload the data system and set up the first-level franchiser code.
9.Opening System Permissions.
10.Providing training materials and training.

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Franchisee Management Department
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